Marv Says:

Another slightly dive bar with good selection of libations and a quiet, well lit place to enjoy some drinks. Very much a neighborhood bar feel to the place with a couple of pool tables. I enjoyed my Jameson and Coke backed by a Trader IPA.

Rawb Says:

The third bro bar (as we term it) of the night and it seemed just fine. Another long, narrow bar, but this time having a bunch of little booths across from the bar instead of the more traditional open seating. After The Green Pig, this place felt like a breath of fresh air, while most of the booths were taken there was a fair amount of open seating in the back by the pool tables. In general, this place seemed mostly populated by regulars and we were viewed as outsiders. There was a slight uneasiness about our presence that wasn’t too bad, but I definitely felt it. Bartenders were nice enough and very quick on the draw, even coming up to get my drink order before I had decided, so I can see why this place draws a steady crowd.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, MIIITCH!!! and The Designated Viking