Marv Says:

I’ve been here before. It was over a decade ago when it was still called Tap Room. A beer only bar that can comfortably handle only about thirty people. The bartender Bean was quite nice and enjoyed the purpose of our adventures. We struck up the conversation of a regular to find that it was a perfect local hangout for a relaxing beer or two. Not a place I would take a large group to, it is a welcome change to the hustle and bustle and loud environments many clubs are known to offer. The Cutthroat was cold and great.

Rawb Says:

This place is wood paneled, tiny and beer only. It’s also a pretty fantastic place to go and relax. When a place is this small, you are pretty much all sitting at, or directly behind the bar, which means all conversations are pretty much fair game for anyone in the place. The beer selection here was decent with little in the way of surprises but a good standard selection. Pours of course were quick, and the prices were cheap. I remember there being some music being played softly in the background that was quickly drown out by the voices of various people. Overall, it’s a nice little warm place where you can go to enjoy a beer with the company of friends and some strangers who might as well be your friends.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, Sascha, Ellen, Lindsay