Marv Says:

The Tap Room used to inhabit the quite tiny location now known as The Bar. They moved a couple of blocks down the street and into the basement of an office of some sort. The bartender Emily is one I’ve been buying drinks from for many years going back to Liquid Joe’s. A friendly atmosphere, a funny bouncer and good selections mark this as quite a win in the local scene. We met there a lady who actually was at Junior’s on our last outing. Hopfully we will see more people at multiple locations as we go through our list. I enjoyed a Boobie Flasher (it’s a drink, I promise), Lime Ricky (my own invention (grape vodka, lime juice and sprite)), a Black Velvet (a black and tan made with Cider and Guiness) and a Booker’s and Coke.

Rawb Says:

A basement bar only indicated by a little neon sign out front some people may have passed it by or dismissed it; That would have been a mistake because this bar was great. While there was only one bartender for the place, it’s small enough and she was lightning fast on her feet, ordering drinks, including the “special of the house”, was quick and easy. The large majority here seems to be regulars and opposite of some of the other regular-heavy bar and they seemed to be intent on winning us over to their bar. A free-play jukebox is here, so expect to hear a large collection of random music depending exactly on who is there and how drunk they are when they are at the controls. A fantastic moment broke out in a whole-bar┬ákaraoke┬árendition of some classic Bon Jovi. If you’re looking to go someplace and be left alone, this ain’t it. If you are social when you are drinking and want to feel like the whole bar is in your corner, this is the place.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, Sascha, Ellen, Paul and Lindsay.