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#11 Junior’s

Marv Says:

Junior’s is a fairly common hangout for the downtown crowd. I go there after work especially when working late. A fair selection of booze and some decent beer on tap makes it completely suitable for a quick pick me up after a long day. We began there this night and ended back there to finish out the evening. First visit saw me having Cutthroat and Evan Williams, a shot special. The second time around we hooked up with Leonard from as well as one of the brewers from Uinta Brewing. I had a more Cutthroat, a black and tan, and more Evan Williams.

Rawb says:

While it was my first time at the bar, I can see why it’s a popular option for a good number of local workers to celebrate their happy hour. It’s a nice relaxed place with the requisite single pool table and strangely spooky hallway to the restrooms. In general the crowd seemed friendly and the first set of people I talked to came here because The Green Pig was totally packed. Seemed to be a good crowd of regulars, and everyone pretty well kept to their own groups. For music, I can’t remember anything really being played, but I do remember being able to have a conversation with no difficulty, so this would be a good bar to go to if you just want to go someplace to hang out with the same people you went there with.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, MIIITCH!!! and The Designated Viking.

Necessary Hardware for Awesomeness.

I received my fedora today. Rawb and I are going to be wearing fedoras on our quest to visit every Salt Lake bar. I think it looks awesome, but pretty much because it is awesome. So if you are out and about looking for the Drink SLC crew, just look for “Those Guys in the Hats.”

Ulterior Motives.

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Travel plans always get the best of me.

Just when we start getting this thing set up and rolling, I have to go out of town. My paintball team is going to an event in Nevada this weekend. I will be traveling back to Salt Lake when we would normally be at the bars.

So instead, next week we are planning on doing Four on 4th. We are planning on Manhattan, Green Pig, Jackalope and Juniors. And yes, I know that two of those are not on 4th but it’s all the same block. Who knows, maybe we will hit Cheers to You as well. I’ve been to a few of these places and only have trepidations about one of them. It should be an awesome night (as they all have been thus far).

Wish my team luck in our first game of the new season.

Goal Setting.

Goal setting is the best way to accomplish things.  In 1942 a group of determined scientists and engineers began working on the Manhattan Project.  In 1961 Kennedy addressed Congress and encouraged them to make sure we reached the Moon.  Late in 2009 two guys decided it’d be nice to say to anyone asking about a particular bar “Yeah, I’ve been there!”.

The Goal, for Rawb and Marv to have a drink at every bar in Salt Lake.  Stealing a page from we began to look at how difficult it would be to visit every bar in Salt Lake in a year.  The first task was to determine the scope of our project.  Originally we thought we would shoot for every bar in Salt Lake County.  That list we felt unmanageable, so we then decided to visit every bar in Salt Lake City, instead.  A visit to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control website yielded a list of every bar with a Salt Lake City address.  This pruned the list to 118 establishments.  While not every bar is actually within Salt Lake City proper, we decided to go with it.

The Rules:
We have to both be at the bar at the same time.
At least one of us has to order, purchase and finish a drink.  If we don’t have someone to drive us, we will alternate drinking.

The Score:
25 Visited
93 Unvisited

Be sure to red the entries below to see what our thoughts of the various establishments are, and comment.  If you disagree with us, let us know.  If you want to join us, feel free.

The Goal: To be able to say “I’ve been there” to any query about a bar in the city.

Dramatis personæ:

Rawb.  Programmer by day, Scotch drinker by night.  Favourite Drink: Aberlour Single Malt.

Marv.  Network Engineer by day, Beer and Whisky man by night.  Favourite Drink(s):  Beer, Pislner Urquel.  Whisky, Blanton’s Bourbon.

Cast of thousands:
JL The Designated Viking
George Definitely Designated Driver

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