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Two steps forward…

Many steps back.

The Utah Legislature passed HB 419 today. This forces all state owned liquor stores to include the word “State” in their signage. The DABC had been omitting this word in order to make the stores seem less institutional. Our legislature wanted it back in the signs to make it seem harder to get alcohol in this state.

We had a brief time where sanity reigned in our state government. Bills were passed to do away with some of the peculiar laws that Utah was known for concerning alcohol. Governor Huntsman championed many of these changes, bringing Utah closer to the rest of the country in it’s law. When he left office, Herbert stated quite bluntly that he was in no way in favor of further liberalizing state alcohol laws. The legislature just took it’s first step in ensuring that the title of the stupidest state alcohol laws stays in Utah.

We do not need to keep doing this. It makes us look bad to outsiders. It makes people feel like they are some sort of violator for imbibing in a few adult beverages. It’s bad law, and certainly a waste of our lawmaker’s time.

Be sure to let your local state representative and senator know that you do not appreciate the idiocy that they show by passing these laws.The Mummy live streaming film online

For my part, I am going to drink one extra this weekend to mourn the loss of sanity in our laws.

#22 A Bar Named Sue

Marv says:

Entering this basement bar you are rewarded with an expansive bar staffed by sufficient bartenders to keep the packed bar served. A great selection of bourbons and ryes is present and a respectable offering of beer. A rather horible cover band was polluting the place with their atonal noise. On other visits this place seems chill and relaxed with a side bar area for pool and darts. The weekend crowd is densely packed into the house. I enjoyed my Knob creek and coke and Solstice, the Wild Turkey with redbull was a failed experiment. Blanton’s with a cutthroat chaser finished out the evening’s libations.

Rawb says:

Finally a very crowded bar with a sizable and talented enough set of bartenders to keep the drinks coming. This bar is large, it extends in both directions from the entrance, with a local-band sized stage and dance area to the right, a game room with the usual pool tables and darts (along with it’s own lightly stocked bar) to the left, and located in the middle you will find a bar that just keeps on going and a good amount of seating. The crowd here seems to tend towards the younger collage age crowd. I would say there was a handful of hipsters, but definitely not the norm, just a good old collection of low-20 somethings. Who should go here? Anyone looking to hang out with a young crowd with a more than a hint of a meat market.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, The Designated Viking

#21 Sandpiper

Marv says:

Another neighborhood joint, Sandpiper is exactly the type of place that you want to go to after work for a few good drinks. The bartender Elisa was incredibly friendly and a lot of fun. We managed to be there between the usual busy times for the establishment. A couple of nice guys were playing darts as we entered and disrupted their game. As we were packing up a few more patrons came in. This just might be the best neighborhood bar in the east bench area. My Stoli and tonic and VO tonic were great.

Rawb says:

Use caution upon entering this place, when we showed up the dartboards are arranged so that you go in to the “Danger Zone” right after entering the bar. Other than that, it looks like we came by on a low-traffic night just a few other people there. It seems like it would be a nice little bar for the locals, very mellow. The bartender was very friendly and just sat and talked with us. Just for your information the music played was being run off of one of the regular’s iPods and he did ask if we had any requests, so that tells you something about just how relaxed everyone is around everyone else at this place. Were my house a few miles closer I’d probably be making this one of my frequent stops.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, The Designated Viking

#20 Granite Club

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The kindness of strangers

How often are you in a store and someone completely random to you offers their opinion of what you happen to be looking at? It does not often occur in my experience. However, I am constantly finding myself in a bar looking over a menu or looking at their selection when someone will offer a suggestion as to what to get. As long as it meets my normal rules for a drink, to wit now sweet (or overly so) not containing bad booze (like Jager) and balanced in it’s ingredients, I will often accept that offer and try it out. This has lead me to many great drinks in my life. I’ve taken to at least trying out what I am being offered.

Tonight I was introduced to Bourye. It’s a product from High West Distillery, the only distillery in Utah so far as I know. It’s a mixture of Bourbon and Rye and it’s great. It’s not something that I would have thought to try, but I am glad that I did.

The next time someone has an opinion as to what you should drink, give it a listen. You might find a diamond in the rough out there.