Marv says:

Entering this basement bar you are rewarded with an expansive bar staffed by sufficient bartenders to keep the packed bar served. A great selection of bourbons and ryes is present and a respectable offering of beer. A rather horible cover band was polluting the place with their atonal noise. On other visits this place seems chill and relaxed with a side bar area for pool and darts. The weekend crowd is densely packed into the house. I enjoyed my Knob creek and coke and Solstice, the Wild Turkey with redbull was a failed experiment. Blanton’s with a cutthroat chaser finished out the evening’s libations.

Rawb says:

Finally a very crowded bar with a sizable and talented enough set of bartenders to keep the drinks coming. This bar is large, it extends in both directions from the entrance, with a local-band sized stage and dance area to the right, a game room with the usual pool tables and darts (along with it’s own lightly stocked bar) to the left, and located in the middle you will find a bar that just keeps on going and a good amount of seating. The crowd here seems to tend towards the younger collage age crowd. I would say there was a handful of hipsters, but definitely not the norm, just a good old collection of low-20 somethings. Who should go here? Anyone looking to hang out with a young crowd with a more than a hint of a meat market.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, The Designated Viking