Marv says:

Zanzibar is a great chill blues/jazz club with a great selection and pleasant atmosphere…. At least that is what I *should* have been writing. Instead I am afraid that I have bad news. What you used to know as Zanzibar is now a latin club with loud bad dance music being spun by an inept DJ and a bar nearly worse than Bar X. Beer only and you must order food, this should not even be on our list. It’s chips were horribly burnt and the random grilled chicken served made no sense to us. I drank a Squatter’s Pale Ale and got out of there as soon as possible. Put this on your list of places to avoid like the plague.

Rawb says:

Zanzibar, under previous ownership was my favorite bar in all of Salt Lake. When out of town people visited, I could take them there to show them that Salt Lake’s night life had some very bright spots. I even took my non-drinking dad and step-mom here just to sit and enjoy the music, that is how absolutely fantastic this place used to be. Sadly, Zanzibar is dead, over a few changes of ownership there is little here that remains of the original bar, this truly is Zombie Zanzibar. Brought back from the dead, this bar seeks only to destroy, no longer a bastion of quality night life in Salt Lake City, it is a mere hole of a bar in the corner of some random strip mall. Well, since we visited this place, I might as well let you know why I think it stinks. Just coming in to the door you have an excessive cover charge. Secondly it’s now a tiny little dance hall with booming music, sadly the DJ was worse at moving between songs than your average iPod. Next up it’s the fact that you have to order food in order to get a beer, which is the only alcohol available. I do think this one thing stands head and shoulders above the rest of the reasons to hate this place, it was the very act of ordering food that baffled me, how it could be so similar to bartering in a Tijuana market, you point to some stuff on the menu, they reply no and point to some more expensive stuff, you point to different items and then mystery items show up, and when the bill arrives, you just keep on handing over money until they start waving it off. Who should go to this bar, well, probably people I hate should go here, but only people I really, really hate.

Attending, Rawb Marv Sascha Jen and DDD “Definitely Designated Driver”