Marv Says:

Located atop the Red Lion hotel in the south part of Downtown SLC, The Sky Bar is one of those places that I have always wondered how well I would like. I never bothered to go there for various reasons, but was happy to give it a shot. I figured that at the very least, I would enjoy the view from atop the hotel. Boy was I surprised. The bar is neatly sectioned into various areas with a dance floor, seating for those not wishing to stand, and the land beyond the velvet rope which was closed off for this evening. The bartenders and waitstaff were top notch and very fun to hang around with and shoot the shit. The numbered name tags were but a door to open as we spoke with the staff. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, and a great view of the valley. I was given a glass of excellent Ravenswood Zin after recommending it to a fellow patron, I also enjoyed the citrus collins that was on the bar drink menu (so much so I ordered two). I finished off the evening with an Evolution Ale.

Rawb says:

In years past I have avoided this bar thinking only that it was a un-tss, un-tss dance club, being forced to visit it has made me regret that decision to avoid it. Now this place has a good dance floor with a decent DJ but since that isn’t my scene, I brought our valiant team of researchers to a nice little quiet bar on the side, with good service and great bartenders, this little space was an excellent retreat from the dance music. Excellent views of the eastern lights and a good selection of couches complete that little side-bar┬ásanctuary. My preconceived notions of this bar have been shattered and for sure I will make a return visit some day, I would recommend this bar as an excellent place for people who want to get their dance on with the option to get a break from the un-tss, un-tss the dance club is normally filled with.
Edited to add, at some point we had flaming dr peppers.
Attending, Rawb Marv Sascha Jen and DDD “Definitely Designated Driver” and last but least, Sparks.