Marv Says:

You feel the warmth and comfort of security as you pull into the parking lot at this West Side establishment. The tall chain link fence eases your mind at the thought of someone tampering with your vehicle while you enjoy a cold beer inside this cerveceria. The lot gives you quite a view of the exterior of Art’s. And while I don’t know who Art is, he has made me quite secure in my efforts to protect my vehicle whilst visiting his establishment. Many people will avoid the West Side like the plague. They rarely venture past the freeway and never get to see the neighborhoods out and about in places like Rose Park, Glendale, Taylorsville or Magna. Their preconceived notions are that there is no where worth the risk of visiting the West Side. It’s demonstrably not true. There is gold out West. Plenty of friendly and warm people waiting to make your acquaintance. I have absolutely no idea if Art’s is one of these places. Due to the now common $10 cover charge, Rawb flew this one solo. I stayed in the car with DDD.

Rawb Says:

Being ever so brave, and just slightly stupid, I decided to brave this one alone. Chintzy latin dance clubs are soon becoming nothing more than “contractual obligation” stops on our journey of awesomeness. I made it here pretty early in the evening so there wasn’t much of a crowd and the security team outpaced the other attendees. Inside the doors it was littered with a rank and file of plastic folding tables and folding chairs that looked as though they were trucked over from Costco earlier that evening. Taking a seat at the bar there was another gentlemen sitting one stool down hammering his fists on the counter in time with the beat hard enough to shake the entire counter. This was a beer only establishment, and seeing that not a single other patron was drinking anything other than the classic Bud Light I swallowed my pride and ordered one. With the music too loud to strike up a conversation with anyone I quickly finished my “beer” and left with little trace other than one of ┬ámy DrinkSLC business cards.

Attending: Rawb.