Marv Says:

In the basement of a very old Downtown building, O’Shucks is an interesting location that also features Oh Sushi in the same space. It’s an intimate bar that gives out free peanuts that will have you tossing the shells on the floor. A fun local crowd and friendly service made O’Shucks an instant favorite. At the advice of off duty bartender Evan, we had shots of Rumpleminz (I don’t recommend this) and then we cleansed our palates with Bushmills and Guiness. We ended our drinking for the evening by enjoying an ICB Air Raid (video below in comments).

Rawb Says:

A poorly lit Irish bar in a basement is always the sign of a good night. Sure enough this place delivered with quickly coming drinks and people at the bar sponsoring shots for the entire place I can see how this location would be prone to rapidly spinning out of control, in a good way. One word of caution, the bartenders here seem to be just a bit on the prank side and will answer any question for a recommendation on a drink with “a shot of Rumpleminz”, which is something you should definitely avoid. If you are looking for a night that starts off a little bit wild and rapidly approaches far out crazy, this is the place for you.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Jen, Robert, DDD