Marv Says:

With the death of the Zanzibar, Salt Lake was missing a good venue for live jazz and blues. Speakeasy has stepped up to the plate to offer this much needed stage for this music. Interesting seating arrangements give a great way for friends to sit around a table on couches and listen to the music or chat between sets. Window alcoves feature raised tables that allow a view of the music over the crowd. All in all it’s good to see honest bars in the heart of downtown. My Bombay Sapphire and tonic was perfect.

Rawb Says:

While I’m not sure I will ever recover from the atrocity that is the Zombie Zanzibar, this place seems to be a pretty good fit for me when I’m in the mood to sit back, relax and enjoy some live blues and jazz. The live band of the evening put in a respectable performance but had little audience to perform to. Bar service was good and they did have my Scotch of choice, so with that and some blues I sat down to enjoy the atmosphere. Plenty of seating to go around in this location with oddly shaped couches waving in and out of the main area providing many a nooks and crannies to separate your group from the rest. I would highly recommend this location for anyone to go, relax and enjoy some low key jazz and blues.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Jen, Robert, DDD