Marv Says:

Willie’s Lounge is reportedly the oldest operating bar in Salt Lake City. It’s in an old fruit-stand from the 40’s that has been converted into an amazing local watering hole. The staff is friendly and engaging, offering insight into the history of the location. It is also one of the best values for drinking in the valley. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal than the $3 Bitch shot (made of grapefruit juice and other stuff). Shoot some pool, do some drinking and have some fun at this grandfather of all SL Bars. Along with the Bitch, I had a shot of Woodford Reserve.

Rawb Says:

Walking in, this place felt like a good old boys bar. Dark wood, small bar at one end, a few tables and chairs that have seen better days. None of this however was in any way frightening, it had a comfort to it, like that old ratty recliner your grandparents had, well used and relaxing. If I didn’t make it clear, the patrons and bartenders here were very friendly, striking up a conversation without any hesitation. The thing however that impressed me the most was the prices, if you are okay with well liquor and the on tap beer, you can have yourself a beer and a shot for under five bucks. The location is a ways out of downtown, but still pretty close and easier to get to than most downtown locations for those that live a bit further out of town. My only word of caution is that the parking lot out back has potholes larger than a small horse, so I’d advise to find yourself a spot on the street. Overall, I’d recommend this bar very highly to those looking for a low key, friendly atmosphere where the drinks are cheap enough to make you reconsider just making them at home.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, Sascha, DDD, The Designated Viking