Marv Says:

Manny’s Too is your uncle’s bar. It’s got a very mature crowd that still manages to be quite boisterous on a Saturday night. A surprising offering of a Flaming Dr. Pepper as the bar special drink was given. I stuck with a shot of Maker’s and a Blue moon. In ten years or so I think I would feel quite comfortable in that crowd. For now, I will let my older relatives know about it as a place to get their party on for a Saturday Night.

Rawb Says:

This place seems to cater to an older crowd. With some ear piercingly bad karaoke in the background we secured a seat near the door for a quick exit. This location was quite spacious and did have a healthy crowd for those not quite spring chickens. Service was fair, but passable with a recommendation of the Flaming Dr. Pepper being a bit of a surprise. Since I couldn’t handle the Karaoke I called it at one drink and ushered our group out the door. For who should go here, it would definitely be the 40-50 year olds still looking to have a good time out without having a large group of youngsters look at them weird for showing up at a bar.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, Sascha, DDD, The Designated Viking