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One of the more traditional Irish Pub affairs in the area, Piper Down offers the charm of a Dublin public house and the excitement of an LA hot spot. Try the Scotch Egg for a good late night treat. The crowd is quite varied in location, but friendly nonetheless. Be careful to avoid frat boys doing a header into the wall when they’ve had a few too many. That was the only down spot for an otherwise amazing night out at Piper. I put down a Tetly’s and Jameson, ICB, Black Bush and Guiness, some High West Bourye and a Stella Artrois. I also met some great people and had a fantastic night.

Rawb Says:

The quintessential Irish Pub for Salt Lake City, this place lives up to it’s expectations. Although it was late, when our group showed up we still had a hard time finding a table that could fit us e´╗┐ven in a bar this big. This bar has three main areas, the entrance with the main bar, the back room with the secondary bar, and the patio. This evening was nice enough to spend some time on the patio and I will say it was a bit smokey with not a lot of breeze going through, I’m not going to give them much for that because this is a bar and drinking goes with cigarettes like cheese goes with wine. The crowd here is typically in their mid-20’s with a good amount of leeway on either side. The waitress was quick to show up and fast on the drinks, so even though this place was crowded the service remained with a smile and a speed not often seen in a busy joint like this. There is plenty here to eat to make your drinking a little more paced but above all, the Scotch Eggs is the thing to get and is worth the extra trip to the cardiologist. This bar gets a pretty open-ended recommendation, it’s crowded and will be packed some nights, but the service is good and there is a lot of area to mingle and meet new people.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, Sascha, DDD, The Designated Viking