Marv Says: I had heard rumors that some of the bar staff from X Wive’s place had landed at The Woodshed. On entry I was astounded to see not one, but three of my old friends working there. Ryan, Laura and her husband Matt were all in attendance. It’s always the people that make a bar special. This case is no different. The bar is a fairly typical live music venue with a stage up front, lots of basic bar choices behind the bar. It also has a patio that I can only call Epic. The Patio is HUGE, with lots of places to sit away from the hit or miss music that might be on stage. But we need to go back to the staff. I frequented X Wive’s for over a decade large in part to these friends and more. They are what made that dive a great place. I’ll be going back more often now that I have found my friends. It’s just too much of a pull for me. They will get to know you and treat you right as they pour you a drink or two. It’s well worth the trip Down Town to meet these folks. You will never regret it. watch full Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 2017 film online

Attending: Marv, Rawb, TDV, Laura, Dianne, Nikol