Marv Says- We have visited this establishment downtown before. The previous incarnation included a rather dissapointing selection of low end beer and nothing else. This former tavern license holder was at the disturbing end of “seedy” bars. It wasn’t even dive, it was an abyss.
A while back, BarX recieved a renovation and a massive change in atmosphere. A hit with the twenty-something crowd, it’s a mixology location today. Some place you go for cocktails made incredibly well. Dominating the wall behind the bar etoro are shelf after shelf of bottles. There are a few signature drinks made to exacting detail. While it may take a while to get service on a packed Saturday night, the bar staff do a very good job on classic concoctions served in traditional glassware.
I expected something different when I heard that BarX was open again. I expected a much more working class environment, instead I was treated to a place where you might look to make an impression on those around you.
I enjoyed a El Diablo cocktail, made very well.
Attending: Marv Rawb Nikol DDD