Lately I have been talking to both drinkers and non-drinkers alike about the perception of the drinking culture in Salt Lake.

Many people both in and out of the state think that it’s nearly impossible to have a good time in Utah if you want to enjoy some libations. While not a perfect drinking utopia, there still is quite a lot of night life to be sampled. What is missing for most people is the information on where the nightlife can be found. This is in part what Drink SLC wants to expose.

The reason that we don’t have a culture of bar crawls and nightlife does partly have to do with historical laws. Salt Lake City only recently changed a law that makes it possible to have more than two bars per block face. This law has kept any specific area of SLC from becoming a destination filled with many places. Another issue is the unique way that the state comes up with the number of available liquor licenses. As it’s tied to population, there has to be population growth to make available more licenses. The DABC is effectively exhausted of available licenses making it only thorugh attrition for new licenses to become available.

But that’s not quite all of the story. People just aren’t used to going out and trying new places just because they are new. They are also not in the habit of planning the designated driver to take them out and get them home. Drinkers seem to tend to stay at home, or just go to one or two favourites as well. The roving bands of people going from location to location don’t seem to happen here like I am used to in other cities.

I have homework for you the reader: Visit a new bar this week. If you want to join us wherever we decide to go, great, but if not just try somewhere new. Open up your eyes to the discovery of a great new place.