Brewvies, our favorite place to grab a cold one and watch a film, was slapped with a huge fine after screening The Hangover 2. A local strip club complained that the films shown at Brewvies were no better than whatever warranted their fine, and the DABC sent in investigators from the Utah Highway Patrol to find out. The commision had to rule in favor of fining Brewvies for the 嘉盛 film’s nudity and depictions of sexual acts. Unfortunately due to the letter of the law, Brewvies probably did violate the statute. However, this is obviously sour grapes on the part of the originators of the complaint. While the commision seemed to have concerns over giving such a harsh penalty (worse that that of serving a minor) they were forced to follow the letter of the law.

This is one of the many things that needs to be addressed in the legal code regarding sales of alcohol in the state of Utah. A movie theater should be able to show whatever films that it likes, as long as they conform to the state’s regulation. Brewvies exists to show adults films in a kid free environment and to enjoy a tasty beverage and good food while they are watching the show. They are not a sexually oriented business, and shouldn’t be governed by the same statutes that regulate those businesses.

See this article from the Salt Lake Tribune for more details: