#5 – Green Street

Rawb Says:
While there was a cover band there slaughtering many of the great songs of people much older than my youth I still enjoyed myself. The bar was pretty surrounded by people and it was a bit tough trying to get a drink, fortunately my zebra print shirt allowed me to part someone from their seat long enough to get something ordered. The general feel here is all about the younger collage student with no particular style. Strangely, it seemed to favor having more women there than men.

Marv says:

A $5 cover is hardly bad, but it’s only charged to dudes.  This is apparently the status quo at this club.  Dance floor upstairs, bro bar down.  I enjoyed my Maker’s with Redbull to round out an evening out on the town.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Lacey, Sascha

#2 – Bliss

Rawb Says:
While dance clubs aren’t typically my thing strangely enough dance clubs on gay night turn out to also not be my thing. In a desperate attempt to wake up I managed to squeeze up to the bar and ordered an overpriced vodka and redbull (are you sensing a trend?). Feeling slightly defeated that no one there bought me a drink, I turned tail and headed out soon enough.

Marv Says:

Saturday nights are Gay Night at Bliss.  The cover charge was reasonable at $5.  Seems to be pretty common to have that charge at dance clubs.  I got a quick Vodka and Redbull and had to leave nearly immediately to escort Lacey from the hotel party she was attending to our next venue.  The building is the old Vortex/Splash/The Bay, so don’t expect a lot.  Still a great building, and still no good tenants.  Expect a young crowd any time you visit.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha