#20 Granite Club

Marv says:

This is the epitome of a neighborhood bar. A very regular crowd usually comes by early in the day, clearing out later in the night. The bartendes seemed genuinely surprised to see strangers in the bar. That said he was attentive and served us well la vente de viagra. A somewhat limeied selection of spirits features nothing special but a good selection of basics. Don’t expect loud music or friendly patrons, but try it out regardless. I enjoyed a couple Crown and Redbulls.

Rawb says:

This place looked from the outside like a very old bowling alley. Inside the place was well equipped, with nice wood tables, arcade games, pinball machines and one of those long wooden tables with the slidey metal things. What this place lacked was… well, anybody else. The shock on the bartender’s face was palpable, and seemed slightly annoyed at first to be drawn off from his regulars but warmed up quickly. If you are going out early and want to not be disturbed you have found your bar.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, The Designated Viking

#14 Cheers for You

Marv Says:

Another slightly dive bar with good selection of libations and a quiet, well lit place to enjoy some drinks. Very much a neighborhood bar feel to the place with a couple of pool tables. I enjoyed my Jameson and Coke backed by a Trader IPA.

Rawb Says:

The third bro bar (as we term it) of the night and it seemed just fine. Another long, narrow bar, but this time having a bunch of little booths across from the bar instead of the more traditional open seating. After The Green Pig, this place felt like a breath of fresh air, while most of the booths were taken there was a fair amount of open seating in the back by the pool tables. In general, this place seemed mostly populated by regulars and we were viewed as outsiders. There was a slight uneasiness about our presence that wasn’t too bad, but I definitely felt it. Bartenders were nice enough and very quick on the draw, even coming up to get my drink order before I had decided, so I can see why this place draws a steady crowd.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, MIIITCH!!! and The Designated Viking

#12 Jackalope

Marv Says:

The door handle to this downtown bar is the truck from a longboard. The TVs will have Fuel TV playing and DJ spins as well. Jared the bartender let us know the specials of a Mind Eraser and Natty light tall boys. I went with the first discount viagra. I had a Mind Eraser and a Carlsberg beer. Surprisingly fun for it’s rough exterior.

Rawb Says:

This place had me a bit scared from the outside, the skateboard trucks as the door handle typically indicates a level of grunge/punk I’m not too comfortable with. Inside however was a fairly familiar sight, just your plain old regular bar. The decor was odd, with a bit too much effort put into making it seem eclectic, one side had stuffed “jackalope’s”, while the other side had sculls wearing fezzes. Now, while I’m a big supporter of the fez, and the skull definitely had the cheekbones to pull it off, it’s just a touch on the odd side. There were also a few empty bottles of Booker’s around the place but checking behind the bar seemed to indicate they no longer stocked this wonderful bourbon. Bartender was nice enough, and this place wasn’t too crowded with some fairly friendly folks inside. One thing I did not enjoy about this bar was the DJ, it’s a pretty small place, and no room for dancing, so the DJ being there is a touch incongruous to the whole experience. Generally, it’s a half step down in class from Juniors but if that’s more your thing, this is more your place.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha, MIIITCH!!! and The Designated Viking.

#4 – X-Wives Place

Rawb says:
Felt like a good old blue collar bar that was slowly being overrun by hipsters looking to drown in irony. The drink was hardly passable and the only thing I drown in was the complete failure of the booth to be anything but a complete pain in my ass (literally).

Marv Says:

X-Wive’s was at one point an unshakable pillar of my existence.  I was a regular there with many friends on both sides of the bar.  The pool tables and dart boards are fun and usually well maintained.  However the soul was ripped out after a change in management.  My silent boycott was kept and I absstained from ordering a drink.  Glad to have this one behind me as it does not live up to the happy memories I have of the old X.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Lacey, Sascha