Rawb Says:
While dance clubs aren’t typically my thing strangely enough dance clubs on gay night turn out to also not be my thing. In a desperate attempt to wake up I managed to squeeze up to the bar and ordered an overpriced vodka and redbull (are you sensing a trend?). Feeling slightly defeated that no one there bought me a drink, I turned tail and headed out soon enough.

Marv Says:

Saturday nights are Gay Night at Bliss.  The cover charge was reasonable at $5.  Seems to be pretty common to have that charge at dance clubs.  I got a quick Vodka and Redbull and had to leave nearly immediately to escort Lacey from the hotel party she was attending to our next venue.  The building is the old Vortex/Splash/The Bay, so don’t expect a lot.  Still a great building, and still no good tenants.  Expect a young crowd any time you visit.

Attending: Rawb, Marv, Sascha