Hangout spot

#72 The Devil’s Daughter

Marv Says: Located in a part of town that you have drive past hundreds of times, The Devil’s Daughter is located right at the 500 South entrance to I-15. Instead of hitting the interstate, hang a left and go visit this gem of a bar. This brand new addition to the Salt Lake night life is in an old industrial building at the outskirts of Downtown SLC.
This location has a number of unique features from the chill out lounge upstairs, with comfortable lounge chairs and Foosball tables, to the intimate bar area. There is also an open space for live music, tables, and billiards.
The barstaff are quick to offer unique cocktails and can handle the tried and true drinks that you want to have. A fair selection of draught beer is available, but I did not see if there were any bottles viagra naturel. The liquor selection is pretty basic, but the owners tell us that they are evolving the stock as they figure out what their clients will want.
The signature cocktail is a very tasty drink called the Blue Devil. Be sure to try one out for your visit. The bartender that helped us this night was great and quick to offer options and to create custom cocktails as you order. The entire staff was fun and friendly and great at anticipating needs for our large group.
The theme of the bar is sort of Satan Rocker meets 40’s pinup models. I could easily see this as a very hot option for your late night adventures.
Lots of parking is available on premises, so you don’t have to worry about your car.
Attending: Marv, Rawb, Nikol, DDD, Laura, Jon, Chris, Amy, Troy, Arianne, Farmer