Time to get out and get a beer.

This Saturday will feature The Spot, Uncle Bart’s, The Woodshed and The Republican. Come on out and get a beer with us.

On tap this Saturday.

Bayou for awesome food and beers, Bar Delux, and Bert’s Tiki Lounge. Hope to see you there. The best post or tweet will win a drink from Marv.

Drinking Holidays.

It’s Saint Patrick’s day. Irish Christmas. International Irish Drinking Day. That day where people wear green.

As someone with no real claim to Irish descent, I often feel somewhat guilty for the parties that I have been to and all the drinking I have done on St. Patrick’s day. It’s a day where Hibernian culture is celebrated all across the country. A day that many people have no real idea of why it is important to our Irish friends. It’s been turned into a drinking day more than anything.

I think it’s great that a culture is celebrated on this day, but I hope people will look to that culture and appreciate it for it’s richness and not just use it as an excuse to party mid week viagra pharmacie paris.

Oh, I did have some green beer tonight. It’s better without the green.