Marv Says:

The Bayou is a restaurant and Beer Heaven. They sport a list of beer that is enviable to all but the most beer nerd of beer bars. There are probably a couple of hundred choices of beer to be had here, so whatever your poison chances are they have it. The Bayou is also known for it’s southern food and very busy crowd. The dinner crowd can force a wait of over an hour if you get there during the rush, but rest assured it’s worth it. Also, check to see if the patio is open as you may get seated sooner if you wish to sit outside. The staff is very good at knowing a variety of beers so just ask if you want to find something new. I enjoyed a UniBroue Don de Dieu from Quebec, a Lindeman’s Kriech lambic from Belgium and a Rogue Chipotle ale from the US. That Rogue beer is amazing and a great complement to spicy food.

Rawb says:

Now this place is well known for it’s good food and excellent beer selection. Tonight was no different, great food and excellent beer were had by all. The only bad news is that the secret is out, on this particular Saturday it took over an hour to get in and the only reason we were seated so quickly was that we were willing to take a seat on the patio on a fairly cold evening. The beer selection here is wide and varied with multi-page menu for the beer condensed into various styles for easy picking. The waitress we had was also very knowledgeable and helpful on the selections, picking out some items we may not have chosen on our own. A few recommendations on the food for any of your future visits: the popcorn crawdad appetizer was superb and be sure to get an order of the sweet potato fries. Who should go here? Well, just about everyone the food is good enough so even non-drinkers can have themselves a good time.

Attending: Marv, Rawb, DDD, Joe, JenH, Laura, Walter