Marv Says:live streaming film Okja online

You drive past these clubs with loud music pouring out the door past the security types and the velvet ropes. You often wonder what sort of adventures lie within. Perhaps you don’t visit because you don’t like the look of the people in line. Perhaps you don’t like the sound of the music you hear. Or else you may not want to deal with the meat market nightclub scene that you are sure lies within. But Drink SLC has a goal. Regardless of the venue we will be going there. So to Karamba we went. The security guards outside took seriously their charter of ensuring that no knives, guns, nuclear weapons, battleships or tactical strike aircraft enter the premises. We were searched for the first time in our journey. Upon realizing the $10 cover charge was a little steep, the ladies of our party decided to go elsewhere while Rawb and I ventured forth. The interior was your basic converted warehouse/office space turned nightclub. A stage holding a dais for the DJ to hold his court, smoke machines filling the chamber with choking and blinding smoke, very few tables and a VIP area cordoned off like a crime scene waiting to happen. The over priced Gin and Tonic was destroyed as fast as I could manage so we could exit the completely barren club.

Rawb Says:

Even though the place had just opened up it’s doors and was totally empty I will admit I felt a little scared for my life. Perhaps it was the dance music just starting up and still at a reasonable level, perhaps it was the fog machine going all out to fill that place up and make it look like an 18-th century London morning, perhaps it was the intensity of the bouncers doing the search at the front door, but something about this place made me a little uneasy. The bartender however was incredibly friendly and when I told him about what we were doing and asked for whatever drink is “the drink that is this bar” he made me something and not something with a name. It was definitely quite fruity, but not overly so, which speaks to the fact that the bar staff here seems to know their stuff. It’s definitely a very dedicated dance club, I think there were a total of about four seats in the place that weren’t roped off, so if you like loud music, fog and a very sketchy feel you’ll probably want to end up here otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

Attending: Rawb and Marv.