Today there I read an article about the fact that flavored malt beverages (Wine Coolers, Energy Beers, etc.) have seen a huge dip is sales since they were relegated to the State monopoly liquor stores. How is this at all a surprise? Most drinkers are far more likely to go for convenience when looking for a quick drink. They don’t want to go to the trouble of going to one of the few State Liquor stores just to get a beverage. It should be no wonder at all that the sales have declined. Between the inconvenience of going to the Liquor store and the atrocious 89% markup that the State Monopoly charges for the beverage, no one is drinking them anymore. A 90% decrease in sales is remarkable only in that it’s not 100% Ignorant state legislators outlawed the private sale of these beverages in 2008. Putting the distribution into the incompetent hands of the DABC ensures that the fewest numbers of the drinking public are going to be able to obtain these so called alcopops. All of this was done in the name of “The Children”. If people would raise their kids right, and if stores followed the laws already in place, I could get my Spark (a guilty pleasure of mine) or the like at the grocery.

I want to see a return to sanity in our alcohol laws in Utah. We get a bad rap, often undeservedly, but sometimes well earned for our quirky laws. This is just one of many that are stupid and should be repealed or revisited. If you are all the activist type, please contact your representation in the Legislature and have them right some of these wrongs.