For a number of years I had a home bar. A place that I would visit at least weekly, and often many times during a week, where I felt very comfortable. Even when I lived out of state, every time I came back to Salt Lake, I would find myself visiting this bar to see old friends and shoot some pool. Shortly after I returned to Utah I returned to my “Home Bar” thinking I could get some billiards in to go along with a couple of tasty beverages. I was sorely mistaken. The crowd was drastically different than what I was used to. The staff all strangers to me. Only one person was mildly familiar, so I struck up a conversation with him to see what had happened. It turns out that new management of this bar had recently fired all of the old staff save one. This basically killed off any chances I had to want to come back to this establishment.

Part of what I want to do with DrinkSLC is to find a new home bar. A place that is not only fun, but comfortable. I’ve found a few places that might fit that bill, but I really do want to go the distance and find a great place to hang my hat as it were. I want to sample all that SLC has to offer for nightlife. My only fear is that I will enjoy our wanderings so much that I don’t settle on a particular place. I guess that is the price that we pay for our adventure.